Did you know? Stan Lee also created an Indian Superhero

We all know that Stan Lee, creator of many superheroes died on 12.11.2018 at his age 95. Stan Lee, the legend had created many superheroes for his comics and was filmed later. We all know only Hollywood superheroes created by Stan Lee. But the legend also had created an Indian superhero named, Chakra: The Invincible.

Stan Lee’s company POW! Entertainment had co-created this character with Sharad Devarajan and Gotham Chopra, the co-founders of Indian graphic entertainmentcompany Graphic India.

Chakra: The Invincible (TV Movie) had been aired on Cartoon Network channel on November 2013 in three languages, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi.

Also, two sequels Chakra: The Rise of Infinitus and Chakra: The Revenge of Magnus Flux aired on Toonami (India) on September 25, 2016 and February 15, 2017 respectively.

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